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Gibson Custom Clones Rick Nielsen’s Choice 1959 Les Paul Guitar. The MUSIKMESSE 2016

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Even though he is known for using genuine cavalcade guitars, which includes a horde of multiple-necked Hammers, Rick Nielsen actually does have a preferred studio and stage guitar: his 1959 Les Paul Standard. Gibson Custom has now imitated this guitar right to very fine details with a new model, limited edition of course. It comes […]

Why Free Music Sucks for YouTube!

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If you’re going to use it for free, be careful!   The Internet is packed with lists and articles explaining where YouTube content creators can get music for their videos. These are assumed to be legitimate resources of obtaining free music under varied licenses. I’ve already mentioned the downsides of using free music, like poor […]

Should you get an acoustic or classic guitar?

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A general misleading notion: One common misconception is you’re better off starting with a nylon classical since it’ll be easier on the tips of your fingers as compared to steel-string acoustic. Your choice should naturally be based on your preference and play style. To give you guidance to determine what you should look for, we’ve […]

Amazon Echo – A New Addition To Your Smart Home

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The Echo is a wireless nifty little voice-controlled speaker and command unit provided by It’s around 9 inches (23 cm) tall with a cylinder speaker and a 7 piece microphone setup. The Echo responds to three names for its voice control; “Alexa”, “Amazon” and “Echo” with future updates allowing more names to be added. This device […]