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Should you get an acoustic or classic guitar?

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A general misleading notion:

One common misconception is you’re better off starting with a nylon classical since it’ll be easier on the tips of your fingers as compared to steel-string acoustic.

Your choice should naturally be based on your preference and play style. To give you guidance to determine what you should look for, we’ve provided some information about the characteristics of steel and nylon strings, and outlined some important differences.

Pick whichever one reflects your music interest

Pick the kind of guitar that’s used a lot in music you’re inspired by or interested to learn how to play. This should more motivation to play and practise it.

Nylon string = classical and folk while Steel string = country and most other genres

Classical guitars, as the name suggests, are typically used for classical music but the rich tone and of the strings can make it great for folk. Acoustic steel strings are typically used for country, rock and various other genres. It’s still primarily a topic of personal choice. The main difference is the strings sound bright and crisp, but are also not so forgiving on the fingertips.

Whichever one you pick, any new instrument needs adjustment

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